5/20/2013 — Oklahoma City, Massive tornado damage — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar Square confirmation – by sincedutch!!!

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Posted on May 20, 2013 by sincedutch

Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a MASSIVE devastating tornadoes form and hit the pulsed areas.


Here is the Scalar Square from late PM on May 18th going into the 19th… see the Oklahoma portion at about the 6minute mark:


Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

Oklahoma city may 20 2013 tornadoes


With heart felt sorrow , I offer condolences to all those effected by this tragic turn of events.

Here are several posts explaining the basics behind the theory of radio frequency modification of the weather, more specifically an explanation on how I believe RADAR is playing a role :

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Forced vaccinations by politicians is a breach of parenthood and human rights

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Is this the start of a state becoming a dictatorship or martial law?



HPV death

John Robertson

New South Wales Labor Leader – John Robertson

Despite overwhelming evidence that many vaccinations are harmful to babies and young children Government Leaders, Ministers for Health and State Leaders are now attempting to take away the rights of parents by applying unconstitutional pressure on those that care for their children.


I woke up this morning to the following article  and felt compelled to respond to this “Hitler type scaremongery.”

NSW bill to ban ‘anti-vax’ kids

AAP May 19, 2013

Unvaccinated children would be banned from NSW preschools and childcare centres under legislation to be introduced into state parliament.

Labor leader John Robertson will introduce amendments to the public health act which would give early childhood centres the right to refuse kids who haven’t had their shots.

The move comes amid concern about high rates of unvaccinated…

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